How to Serve Summer Drinks


When you serve summer drinks, presentation can make a world of difference. These simple presentation tips can make even the simplest glass of water look and feel like a gourmet treat. Although a cool beverage is always welcome in the hot summer months, you can take your summer drinks to the next level with these presentation tips, culled from lifestyle experts and from the handbooks of professional caterers. These simple techniques are perfect for dressing up your summer drinks for a party, or for just making a regular afternoon feel like a party! Read on to discover an arsenal of professional presentation tricks for dressing up your summer drinks.

A Fresh Touch

Nothing says “summer” like freshness. In the season when sun-ripened produce is pouring out of backyard gardens all across the world, why not add a fresh touch to your summer drinks? Floating a fresh garnish like a sprig of mint or a slice of lemon in your summer drinks makes for presentation that elevates even a glass of water or club soda into a beverage worthy of a five star restaurant. The aroma of fresh ingredients added to summer drinks just before serving makes them even more enticing.

Accent Ice Cubes

Ice cubes are a must to keep summer drinks cold and refreshing. However, ice can look bland in a glass, and taste bland as it melts into your summer drinks. These necessary evils can become the visual highlight of a beverage, and preserve the taste, with one simple change. Instead of freezing water, freeze a liquid that will match your drink! If you’re serving lemonade, for example, try filling your ice cube tray with orange juice for a harmonious dash of color in your glass, and a pleasing hint of extra citrus in your drink. Any non-alcoholic liquid you serve can be frozen into ice, so use your creativity to create beautiful and tasty frozen accents for your summer drinks. With a little bit of advance warning, you can even create layered ice cubes! Fill your ice cube tray one third full, and let freeze until the top of the liquid solidifies. Then, pour in another kind of liquid, let freeze until the top of that is solid, and fill the tray to the top with the same kind of liquid you started with. This will create unique, custom colored and flavored striped ice cubes perfect for your summer drinks. Try creating an exotic “citrus sandwich” cube by freezing a middle layer of lemonade between layers of tangerine juice.

Chilled Glasses

A few hours before you serve a round of summer drinks, slide some glasses into the fridge to chill. The frostier the glass, the prettier the appearance of a summer drink. Plus, the added cooling power of a chilled glass is a welcome relief from the heat for the person holding it, and helps the drink stand up to the warm weather.

Frozen Fruit

If you’re serving summer drinks that contain fruit, or would match a fruit flavor, consider ditching ice cubes all together. Instead, drop a few pieces of frozen fruit into your glass for a beautiful presentation that would make a professional caterer proud. Throw a tray of grapes, strawberries, or banana slices into your fridge and let them freeze overnight, or until hard to the touch. Then, use these frozen treats in lieu of ice cubes for stunning presentation and serious cooling power in your summer drinks.

Arrange A Great Tray

If you haven’t got time to try out one of the presentation techniques that require advance preparation, like frozen fruit or chilled glasses, you can still dress up your summer drinks at the last minute just by arranging the drinks creatively on an appealing tray. For a unique serving tray, use a large picture frame with a raised rim, and slide a copy of a favorite image inside. Then, pour your summer drinks into a variety of differently shaped and sized glasses, and head for the table. An assortment of glasses makes it easy for guests or family members to remember whose drink is whose, and everyone enjoys selecting their own summer drinks from the bountiful array.

Best Baked Goods with a Twist on Presentation


When you serve a variety of desserts after a good meal, your guests get excited. Oh, which one should I try first? A really fun and unique way to showcase dessert is to offer a sampling of each in small glasses. Adding a cool visual presentation prior to eating, adds to the enjoyment of taste. Pictured here are five favorite choices to serve and all are easy to bake.

Everybody loves chocolate. Turn a simple brownie recipe into a "mini sundae" adding chocolate sauce, whipped cream and a cherry and you've got a winner.

This week is National Pineapple Upside-Down Cake Day and it is a favorite. Try adding fresh, frozen or dried cranberries to the cake. The sweetness of the pineapple and the tartness of the cranberry make this cake another great selection.

Key Lime Pie is a real favorite. The pie goes with meat or fish and its tart and creamy texture will bring smiles.

Strawberry short cake is always special on a dessert list. When strawberries are in season and paired with a delicious cake and a dollop of cream, it is usually the first chosen. Just bake your favorite yellow cake mix and the dish is easier then you think.

Round out this great selection with a Pecan Pie. It is kind of retro and the combination of a buttery crust mixed with sweet and gooey pecans conjure up visions from the past on your palate.

Just spoon a small portion of each dessert into a small container and display all on an attractive serving platter. It is not only a cool, different and visually enticing way to serve dessert, but the selection is sure to garner raves from your guests.

Presentation Makes All the Difference


How do you present things to your kids? Are you demanding, or do you actually try to have a conversation with them about an issue? Your kids might do as you tell them when you simply give them directions, but you can present things in a way that allows them to see the topic from their perspective without fear of persecution. Children who are allowed to share their perspective will learn to trust themselves. If a child can’t trust himself, how will he be able to make decisions from himself?

Guide them to ideas. I could have simply told my child to clean his room. He would have taken all day and the air would have been tense. He would have done what he was told, but that would be one day that would not have been as pleasant as it could have been. Instead of just telling him to clean his room, I handed him a Shop-Vac and introduced it as a tool of men. He couldn’t wait to use it and I didn’t even have to ask him to clean his room because he wanted to do it. In the end, he was pleasant about getting it done and he was proud of himself for taking some initiative.

Ask for opinions. Start by telling your child what you want to accomplish. Let them come up with ideas as to how the task can be completed. You might be shocked when your child has ideas that you want to use. Rather than letting your child feel as if they have no opinion, this allows him or her to feel some pride and involvement.

Put those skills to use. We all like it when our skills are acknowledged. Kids are no different. In fact, they need the praise more than adults do. The problem is that sometimes when parents compliment children, the children don’t take it seriously and think you might be saying it just because you are the parent. Ask your child to help you by using his or her skills. For instance, I have horrible aim when throwing a ball. My son does not. I needed some pictures hung, so I asked him to do it by insinuating that my lack of ability to aim might be reflected in my use of the hammer. I can actually hammer just fine, but he needed to do it more than I did.



ABC's hot new sci-fi series "FlashForward" began last night and people are already talking about it! If you missed the show, ABC will be running an encore presentation, but more on that in a second.

For those unfamiliar with the premise for "FlashForward," it is a show set in the present with the premise of everyone in the world simultaneously experiencing a "blackout." As the show progresses (without giving any "spoilers" away…) it is discovered that people were not actually blackout, but rather apparently seeing glimpses into the future. Many died (especially those who were flying or driving), but everyone who didn't snapped back into the present two minutes and seventeen seconds after the "flash fowards" began.

At the end of "FlashForward," the viewers are given a cliffhanger that is sure to have them asking "Who is that and why…" (No spoilers!). Many viewers will be eagerly awaiting next Thursday to start finding out the answers to all the questions this show raises, and there are definitely a lot of those!

Robert J. Sawyer fans will already know this, but "FlashForward" is loosely based on his 1999 novel of the same name. The early success of the show might bring renewed interest into Sawyer's book, but don't expect it to be exactly the same as ABC's series. This is similar to the manner in which Charlene Harris' Sookie Stackhouse novels have been liberally altered to become HBO's hit series "True Blood." Those who have turned to the books are surprised to find characters from the show missing in the novels, and vice versa.

"FlashForward" is sure to captivate fans of the sci-fi genre, but has the potential to reach out to other audiences, as well. Given the fact that it was a worldwide phenomenon, there are a multitude of potential storylines. As one of the characters in "FlashForward" noted, the experience is one that was shared by everyone who survived. The simple question "What did you see?" essentially transcends gender, religion, or any other kind of social divisions.

ABC seems to have a surefire hit on their hands and the reaction is already rather favorable. The network was looking for a current companion, and eventual successor, to its mega-hit "Lost" and ABC just may have found one in "FlashForward."

If you didn't catch it the first time around, ABC will be showing an encore presentation of "FlashForward" on Friday, September 25th at 8 pm EST / 7pm CST. Make sure you check this one out!

Creating Better PowerPoint Presentations


Audiences that come to see and hear your presentation are there for the content. As attention spans shorten, powerful presentations are increasingly important as a way to keep the audience alert and get your message across. Although learning to use PowerPoint as an audiovisual aid to your presentation is not difficult, it does take a little time to figure out how to present and organize large amounts of material, and to do so in a way that will keep the audience engaged. In this article, I will teach you a couple of steps that will turn your basic presentation into a lively one-in just a matter of minutes. Please take any basic PowerPoint Presentation and practice these techniques to improve your presentation. Background Effects Background effects lend uniformity to your presentations. In this demonstration, we will use: Logos Page Numbers Dates Titles Different Backgrounds Note: To get the standard logos for your company or product for your future PowerPoint presentations, you may Right-click on an image or logo, and save it as a file on your hard-drive. on department. The “Slide Master” is where the background images are located. This is where you place the logos and other images that you want to appear on all of your PowerPoint Presentation Pages.

An Author's First Book Signing


Whether you've scheduled your first book signing/author presentation or are thinking about it, take a deep breathe. You may be feeling stressed out, perhaps overwhelmed. Always remember that the first time is the hardest.


If you've signed up for a book signing and or presentation, make sure you have all the facts. Not knowing all the details can cause confusion and stress. Attending similar events on what you've signed up for will help give you an idea of what to expect. Checking in prior with the event planner can help ensure all details are as you requested.

Your Part

A book signing is pretty much self explaining. If you're presenting, it's a good idea to practice in front of your family and friends and by yourself to refresh your memory and gain confidence. Also recording your presentation on a tape recorder and then playing it back will give you an idea if you need to change your tone. If you're a children's author, having the children become part of the presentation can be fun. You could have the children role play your book.

Being Nervous is Okay

Many authors feel nervous when doing something for the first time. Take a deep breathe and do not allow yourself to think bad thoughts. By thinking negativity, you may have already shot any confidence you previously had. Remember the ones who are attending your event are interested to see you, not there to shoot you down before you even start.


Often times you will be asked questions about your book. Examples: how you got started, why you wrote what you did? How long did it take you to write your book? Who inspires you? It's a good idea to be ready with answers on common questions. It's a good idea to give yourself a moment to answer if you're unsure. That way there's a chance of less "um" and "uh's."

Contact Information

After your book signing and or presentation it's a good idea to have some form of information where others can reach you. Such as your website address on a flyer and or business card. You might receive sales from others who talked about attending your event. It may also help you set up another event with someone.

Once you're completed your first author presentation, there's nothing to express the feeling you have for accomplishing your first time as an author. You may want to bring gum, mints and water for before, during and after your event. Good luck!

Violation of Presentation


How is that someone can be judged upon simply by what is on their skin or attached to the skin. You all know what I am talking about. Tattoos and piercings. Into todays society they are everywhere from doctors to lawyers, pro sports players and many others. The simple fact is that when someone looks different to a person, that doesn't appeal to their own specific taste, they are quick to form an opinion based up the look. They are entitled to that opinion yes, but it should not effect the personal judgment of the person in front of you. Say for instance working or going out in public. A couple could wear dark clothes and have long dark hair. That doesn't mean they want to kill everyone. It is a style. As long as once in the workplace as long as you do your job. It should not matter how much, how little,or what style of hair you have. Or if you have decorated your skin or have piercings.

Now you might think, but what if this offends me? Or perhaps you just don't like the look. Well take a look in the mirror. Every human is entitled to their own likes and dislikes. That same person might not like your cowboy hat, baggy clothes, tight jeans, or whatever the case may be. The point I am trying to get across with this. I think that it is not right when employers, governments, or any entity that will turn down a person just because of the way they look. Times have changed and even if you like it or not, that industry is booming. Its who we are, we decorated our bodies to express ourselves.

Correct me if I am wrong but in America we have a freedom of speech. Is this not a form of speech on paper, such as this is speech on the Internet. Its speech of the body. Even in older cultures there are even crazier things people have done to their body, but it is accepted. We do this by choice, and most people think they look great. So why the negative outlook on them? We even attract people whom do not have any of these things i have mentioned. Straight suit and tie guys. In it for the money.

The funny part is. The same adults who turn down and look down upon this. Face it at home with their kids. Who with parental consent can get them done as a minor! So why have a law to let a minor get a tattoo but then look down on them in life because they have them. Looks to me like that people who made that possible just let that slip out of their minds. You may say, some people take it to the extreme and do to much. Now stop and think about that. It's not that extreme if so many people have them. Even when you increase the amount and sizes. It is pretty common in that industry. All in all people needs to let off the people with modified bodies. It is a culture of modern society and there is nothing you can do to stop it. So let it happen without the punishment of humans for doing so.

Understand the Electoral Process, and Make Your Vote Count


We know that voting in an election is important. It is our right and our responsibility. But when election time comes, oftentimes people — whether they are long-time voters or new to the electoral process and its purpose — will feel overwhelmed. It can be a challenge and leave your mind with weighty questions such as learning about the candidates and their platforms, their past and present leadership successes and challenges, and more. And the electoral process itself can be a mystery, particularly for new or younger voters.

The Importance of Participating in Canada’s Electoral Process

Elections Canada provides comprehensive information concerning the electoral process as well, as information specific to our upcoming federal election. Participation in the electoral process is important for everyone concerned.

Many people may think and say aloud “I’m only one person, how would or how does my vote impact the electoral outcome?” However, your vote is important. A vote is not just a citizen’s right.

In today’s elementary schools, children are already being introduced to politics and the electoral process. There is campaigning being done to encourage young people to learn more about the electoral process and our country’s political representation, both presently and historically. And of course in high social studies-related classes, a history of politics in Canada is overviewed, as well as our present political environment.

If you are a student, a young voter or new to voting and the electoral process, there are resources that you can search that are specific to this election. You will also find information on Canada’s electoral processes, encompassing both historical and current information concerning our political system. <href=”#2″>Elections Canada is also a good resource for those new to the electoral process.

Elections Canada: Their Role(s) and Responsibilities in the Electoral Process

As is indicated on their website, the purpose of the Elections Canada is to make certain that all voting is carried out accordingly, and that all Canadians will have access, knowledge and the appropriate tools needed to vote.

Elections Canada further indicates that in the fairness of the election ”(a) non-partisan electoral management body is the key to an impartial electoral process” (as it is written on The Elections Canada website).

There are many people involved and responsible for the seamless carry-out of the vote on the polling day, before, during and after the vote.

Visit the Elections Canada website for more information on the appointment, roles and responsibilities of those elected and/or employed by Elections Canada during an election.

Gaining a Better Understanding of Electoral Candidates and Their Platforms

There is currently a “vote compass” featured on CBC’s website that is meant to ease the complexities of understanding the political party platforms, and how they relate to the issues that you feel are most important in this election. Complete the online “submit” type questionnaire and the system will suggest which party platform(s) align with your concerns most closely.

The Word for the Day is 'Presentation"


Presentation is a very important thing, whether it be with food, or relationships. In restaurants, chefs always make sure that your meal not only tastes delicious, but it’s alluring to the eye. Swirly sauce decorations are drizzled around the plate, and pieces of kale are strategically tucked around the entree. The person savoring this meal knows and appreciates the work that was put into such a feast designed to awaken all the senses.

However, on online dating websites, presentations can be quite deceiving. When you first find someone new, they present themselves to you on a shiny silver platter. Their job status, annual income, and community accolades all look attractive in the beginning. It’s only after you’ve invested a considerable amount of time and energy that all their warts start to emerge. Their controlling behavior, the name calling, and all of their petty jealousies eat their way out of the woodwork like a herd of hungry termites. The next thing you realize is that what was once presented to you on that shiny silver platter actually belonged on a silver metal trash can lid.

There is a valuable lesson to be learned here. When you present yourself to someone you’re interested in, this would be the perfect thing to say. Yes, I have made my share of mistakes, and chances are, I probably will again. But I’m a nice and honest person who will never leave your side when the times get tough. A platter full of sincerity will win my heart any day of the week.

How Do I Change the Layout of My Presentation in OpenOffice Impress?


Changing the layout of your presentations in OpenOffice Impress is not that hard, and you have the option of applying different layouts to different slides. In this guide, I will show you how to change the layout of your presentations in OpenOffice Impress and I will show you how to apply different layouts to different slides. To begin using this guide, you will need to load Impress and open a presentation with a few slides to practice on.

Opening the Layouts Panel in OpenOffice Impress

We will begin with opening the Layouts panel in OpenOffice Impress. The Layout panel is located on the right side of the program, under Tasks. Locate the Tasks panel and click the Layout button. That will expand that panel and you will see the different layouts.

Applying a Layout to All of the Slides in OpenOffice Impress

To apply a layout to all of your slides, select the first slide in the slides panel on the left. Then find the layout you want to apply to the slides in your presentation. Once you find a layout, click that layout with a single mouse click. The layout will then be applied to all of the slides. You can change the layout at any time by clicking another layout.

Applying Different Layouts to Different Slides in OpenOffice Impress

If you want to use different layouts on different slides in OpenOffice Impress, you can. To do this, you will need to locate and click the slide in the left panel that you want to apply the layout to. Once you have selected the slide, you will need to open the Layout panel again. Browse through the layouts and find the layout that you want to apply to the slide you have selected. Click the layout once and the layout will be applied to that particular slide. You can then go through your other slides and apply different layouts to them as well.