Farmville Spring Egg Event: Collect Eggs Through Farming, Gifts and Feeds to Earn Rewards


The newest Farmville holiday event is the Spring Egg collection, part of the new Springtime theme. While basically an Easter Egg Hunt, Farmville's creator Zynga has chosen the more generic naming (much like the holiday gift and holiday tree of late 2009).

How Does the Spring Egg Event Work?

Like previous holiday events, eggs are claimed and placed in the gift box. When used in the gift box they are deposited into a spring basket. As the number of eggs in the basket grows, milestones are reached with corresponding levels (0-10 eggs – Empty; 10-24 Eggs – Budding; 25-74 eggs – Burgeoning; 75-149 eggs – Thriving; 150 and above eggs – Flourishing).

Farmers can view their own progress by clicking on the basket and looking inside, as well as compare their collections with those of other Farmville neighbors. Once collected, eggs can be redeemed for prizes. One notable improvement from past holiday events is the ability of the gift box to automatically reopen after using an egg (moving it from the gift box to the egg basket). Because multiple eggs are generally in the gift box at one time, this adds up to significant time savings and greatly reduced mouse-clicking for the farmer.

Where to Find Spring Eggs in Farmville

Again as in past events, farmers can gift eggs to neighbors through the regular gifting feature, as well as ask friends for eggs through a button on the "look inside" screen of the egg basket. The recent "wish" feature can also be used to post a wish to a farmer's feed that neighbors can easily fulfill. Eggs can be collected from feeds that are optionally posted by friends when egg baskets reach the milestone numbers above, or when friends surpass others in comparison ranking.

There are also a few new options for this event. In the tradition of egg hunts, farmers may find eggs when fertilizing friends' crops and can also choose to share those eggs through the Facebook feed. Also, when fulfilling a request to send eggs, which provides a bonus to the sender, there is now and option to receive an egg for the sending farmer as well (in addition to the other previous options of a fuel, coin, XP or mystery box bonus). Another new feature offers newer Farmville players of less than 7 days the ability to gift 3 eggs, rather than one (and receive 3 back as a thank you gift), to help those with less neighbors earn prizes as well.

Spring Egg Event Rewards

Collected eggs can be redeemed for prizes on the "look inside" screen of the egg basket. As before, each prize claimed gives the farmer a chance to also post a feed sharing one exact or similar item with the first neighbor to click the link.

Spring Egg Prizes include:

10 Eggs – Mystery Egg

  • 20 Eggs – Sunny Ewe (offwhite wool-harvestable sheep with egg antennae)
  • 30 Eggs – Bunny Gnome Decoration
  • 40 Eggs – Gilded Egg Decoration
  • 75 Eggs – Spring Fountain Decoration
  • 150 Eggs – Dutch Windmill Decoration (shared gift is a mini-Dutch windmill)

Mystery eggs are a new addition to the prize rewards for holiday collections. They offer a random prize which may include a farmhand, arborist, 100XP, small fuel tank and a head-scratcher prize that doubles the avatar size temporarily.

The Spring Egg event is getting a lot of activity through Facebook feeds and gifting requests and is sure to stay active at least through Easter 2020. Happy hunting!

Beautiful and sweet baby shower!!


Touches of personalized decor will add a joyful and cheerful tone to any party celebration. When you think about a baby shower, those little details like flowers, baby items, and banners are those that make a perfect complement to this event. Family and friends of the mom to be, hosted a beautiful sweet baby shower to welcome baby Connell. The soft touches of pink and lime green were a great color palette to tie in with the butterfly theme chosen for this baby shower. MLC was happy to be a part of this event by adding a butterfly backdrop with paper fans, mini cupcakes, banner and menu design.

Happy Baby Shower to Joy and Joel!

Add a '60s Groove to Your Next Event: Spark the Evening with an Early Rock-and-Roll Twist


Got a flair for the old times? Enjoy the idea of rocking and rolling with company at an all-American diner? Well, the magic of the '60s era stays on after all these decades. It’s even more vibrant with musicals like Hairspray and crossover fashion trends captivating today’s young generation. Keep the retro spirit alive by infusing an oldies vibe at your next get-together with friends.

Party Like the '60s

An evening at Johnny Rockets would be a marvelous start. Tasty sandwiches and chicken wings with your choice of sauce are among the list of specialties on the menu. Take turns choosing songs on the mini jukebox on the side of the table with your friends. Feel free to sing along with the light tunes until dinner is served.

Want to experience watching a movie at a drive-in? There are places and festivals in every town that play out-door films. Checking your local listings can help you find them. If everyone is in a competitive mood, the bowling center may be a dream destination.

Is there an oldies-themed event going on at a venue nearby? If so, get ready to jive together with costumes from that era. Setting up a house party can make a great alternative. You have the freedom to decorate the place your way. It’ll be more personalized. After all, nothing beats the unforgettable taste of a homemade milkshake.

A Little Musical Inspiration

These songs are some of the yesteryear hits you can play to get everyone in the mood fast and easy:

  • The Twist – Chubby Checker
  • Blue Moon – The Marcels
  • It’s My Party – Lesley Gore
  • Baby Love – The Supremes
  • These Boots are Made for Walkin’ – Nancy Sinatra
  • I Can’t Help Myself (Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch) – The Four Tops
  • Good Vibrations – The Beach Boys
  • Travelin’ Man – Ricky Nelson
  • Moody River – Pat Boone
  • Please Mr. Postman – The Marvelettes
  • I Feel Fine – The Beatles
  • Peppermint Twist – Joey Dee and the Starliters
  • Stuck on You – Elvis Presley
  • Happy Together – The Turtles
  • My Boyfriend’s Back – The Shirelles
  • Sugar Shack – Jimmy Gilmer and the Fireballs
  • Bend Me Shape Me – Amen Corner
  • DownTown – Petula Clark
  • Hey! Baby – Bruce Channel
  • Surf City – Jan and Dean

Mix the Old with the New

If you also crave music from this era, a mix-and-match can work. Blend the old with the contemporary by listening to these tunes that very much cater to the new generation but still fit in with the old style vibe:

  • Are You Gonna Be My Girl? – Jet
  • Rock and Roll – Eric Hutchinson
  • Mercy – Duffy
  • Honey – The Hush Sound
  • Radio Radio – Brooke White
  • The Sweet Escape – Gwen Stefani
  • Rich Girls – The Virgins
  • Baby, Baby, Baby – Joss Stone

These are just ideas to get things started. There are more song options you and the group can explore.

For more inspiration, various old magazines, music videos, movies, TV shows, photography books and record shops make excellent resources. It’s about time for everyone to blast to the past.

Enchanted sweet Baby Shower


A sweet combination of purples and yellow, were the accent color palette for a surprise baby welcoming party for soon to be mom Joy. She was taken away by the delicate polka dot, colorful fans and butterflies backdrop, that was the focal point decor of the sweet and savory table. The inspiration for this decor was our version of sweet baby meets enchanted outdoors. Glass candy vases with moss and purple and yellow flowers were the beautiful centerpieces to surround the mini strawberry and lemons cupcakes. The purple mini mums and chamomile were the soft and wild flower tone for this inspiration table. A delicious array of mini savory appetizers were served on white platters and wood trays. Small touches of baby cutouts, twine and baby pins gently decorated the mason jar filled with pomegranate lemonades. A shadow box also displayed baby clothes adorned by a handcrafted banner.

Violation of Presentation


How is that someone can be judged upon simply by what is on their skin or attached to the skin. You all know what I am talking about. Tattoos and piercings. Into todays society they are everywhere from doctors to lawyers, pro sports players and many others. The simple fact is that when someone looks different to a person, that doesn't appeal to their own specific taste, they are quick to form an opinion based up the look. They are entitled to that opinion yes, but it should not effect the personal judgment of the person in front of you. Say for instance working or going out in public. A couple could wear dark clothes and have long dark hair. That doesn't mean they want to kill everyone. It is a style. As long as once in the workplace as long as you do your job. It should not matter how much, how little,or what style of hair you have. Or if you have decorated your skin or have piercings.

Now you might think, but what if this offends me? Or perhaps you just don't like the look. Well take a look in the mirror. Every human is entitled to their own likes and dislikes. That same person might not like your cowboy hat, baggy clothes, tight jeans, or whatever the case may be. The point I am trying to get across with this. I think that it is not right when employers, governments, or any entity that will turn down a person just because of the way they look. Times have changed and even if you like it or not, that industry is booming. Its who we are, we decorated our bodies to express ourselves.

Correct me if I am wrong but in America we have a freedom of speech. Is this not a form of speech on paper, such as this is speech on the Internet. Its speech of the body. Even in older cultures there are even crazier things people have done to their body, but it is accepted. We do this by choice, and most people think they look great. So why the negative outlook on them? We even attract people whom do not have any of these things i have mentioned. Straight suit and tie guys. In it for the money.

The funny part is. The same adults who turn down and look down upon this. Face it at home with their kids. Who with parental consent can get them done as a minor! So why have a law to let a minor get a tattoo but then look down on them in life because they have them. Looks to me like that people who made that possible just let that slip out of their minds. You may say, some people take it to the extreme and do to much. Now stop and think about that. It's not that extreme if so many people have them. Even when you increase the amount and sizes. It is pretty common in that industry. All in all people needs to let off the people with modified bodies. It is a culture of modern society and there is nothing you can do to stop it. So let it happen without the punishment of humans for doing so.

The Word for the Day is 'Presentation"


Presentation is a very important thing, whether it be with food, or relationships. In restaurants, chefs always make sure that your meal not only tastes delicious, but it’s alluring to the eye. Swirly sauce decorations are drizzled around the plate, and pieces of kale are strategically tucked around the entree. The person savoring this meal knows and appreciates the work that was put into such a feast designed to awaken all the senses.

However, on online dating websites, presentations can be quite deceiving. When you first find someone new, they present themselves to you on a shiny silver platter. Their job status, annual income, and community accolades all look attractive in the beginning. It’s only after you’ve invested a considerable amount of time and energy that all their warts start to emerge. Their controlling behavior, the name calling, and all of their petty jealousies eat their way out of the woodwork like a herd of hungry termites. The next thing you realize is that what was once presented to you on that shiny silver platter actually belonged on a silver metal trash can lid.

There is a valuable lesson to be learned here. When you present yourself to someone you’re interested in, this would be the perfect thing to say. Yes, I have made my share of mistakes, and chances are, I probably will again. But I’m a nice and honest person who will never leave your side when the times get tough. A platter full of sincerity will win my heart any day of the week.

What’s hot for the summer? Bright bright bright!


Unexpected color pallets that you wouldn’t think would be for a wedding

Coral loves turquoise!

This color pallet is perfect for a beach wedding. The turquoise against the ocean and the coral against the sunset sky will be beautiful. I would use some turquoise linens with my own personal touch of coral to create a fun atmosphere for my guest to enjoy.

Yellow adores turquoise! 

What better than to have yellow paired with turquoise in your color scheme that reminds you of sunflowers and bathing in the sun rays during the summer days. A great thing about yellow As the accent color is being about to use the different yellow flowers such as daisies and sunflowers in your decor. You can make lemonade as a beverage. Keep it cool & light!

Fucsia admires teal

Fuchsia and teal together is a brave but loud statement. I would use tons of teal with a kiss of fuchsia to add a sassy look but yet still elegant enough for a wedding. This summer pallet will have your guests blush with excitement.

Packing Tips for Attending Crop Events: Organizing Supplies Efficiently for Scrapbooking Workshops


Many scrapbookers look forward to opportunities to get out of the house and share their hobby with other crafters. Worrying about how many bags to pack and what tools to leave behind in order to make the best use of time take away from the anticipation of the event. Knowing how to pack efficiently can prevent stress and leave time for enjoying the workshop experience.

Tools to Leave Behind

A typical crop event, workshop or scrapbooking retreat allows each participant from 3 – 6 feet of workspace plus the space beneath to store tools, papers and embellishments. While it is tempting to pack as much as one can, the reality is that it all needs to fit withing the the allotted space.

The first step towards scaling down the amount of items to bring is to consider the size of each tool, the likelihood someone else will have a similar tool available for use and the amount of time available to complete layouts. The following list includes tips for scaling down the number of items to bring to the event.

  • Industrial sized paper trimmers are heavy, awkward to pack and take up too much space. Light weight 12 inch paper trimmers do the same job and are easy to pack and carry.
  • Full size die cut machines, sewing machines and other fastening tools should be left behind in favor of hand held similar tools.
  • 12 x 12 tray embossers will take up a large portion of the work space. Unless the only thing the scrapbooker wants to do at the crop is emboss, this tool is better off left at home.
  • If attending the crop with a personal group of friends each member of the group could be assigned a specific larger item to bring for the group to share at the event.

Use Smaller Totes

It is important for scrapbookers to be aware of their ability to carry heavy objects. Many tools packed into one large bag can make lifting and carrying difficult or even impossible. Scrapbookers should consider spreading the load into 2 or 3 smaller totes to make the bags easier to manage. When deciding how much to pack into one tote, scrapbookers should ask themselves the following questions.

  • Will there be steps or curbs to navigate between the vehicle and the crop area?
  • Does the tote have wheels and do the wheels swivel or sty in a fixed position?
  • How high off the ground is the vehicle? Remember that it will be much more difficult to to lift the tote back UP into the vehicle than it was to get it down and out at the beginning of the event.
  • Are there any disabilities that could interfere with lifting?

Pack Essentials and Extras Separately

Keeping the basic and most regularly used tools in a separate bag from the decorative products helps the scrapbooker to make better use of her limited cropping space. While working on the first stages of her layout she only has to access the one tote containing the essentials such as basic cropping tools, adhesives, journaling pens, scissors and layout packages.

Products and tools that are not needed until later in the design process should be packed in a separate tote. These include;

  • Decorative trimmers
  • Specialty papers used for finishing touches
  • Colored pens or pencils for filling in titles and captions and for doodling.
  • Larger assortments of eyelets, ribbon, fibers, flowers and die cuts.

The tote containing these extras can then be tucked away until the scrapbooker is ready to continue to the next stage of the layout process.

Advance Layout Planning

Scrapbookers can benefit from planning and preparing layouts before leaving for the crop event. pre-planning a layout can refer to anything from having a basic sketch with a few notes, to actually grouping together the papers and embellishments needed for each separate layout. Planning layouts in advance also means less need for bringing entire embellishment collections along.

Leaving larger items behind, spreading tools among more totes, pre-planning layouts and properly organizing tools can go along way towards making ones crop event experience easier to manage. Proper organizing done ahead of time can then allow the scrapbooker more time to enjoy the creative process instead of spending time digging for tools and cluttering up the workspace.

Be inspired… Be creative…and celebrate


With Easter just around the corner, be inspired by the sunny spring weather and wonderful pastel colors of Spring to host a fun and festive backyard egg hunt.

Very simple materials were used on this decor, that you may find at your local craft store. Combination of yarn, tulle, card stock and flowers, will lead you to a great start.

  1. Chair decor:Wrapping tulle and adding a flower to the chairs, is a sweet touch.
  2. Backdrop: a set of strings in pastel colors card stock circles, were beautifully framing the dessert table.


  1. Sweets table: Wood crates were used as table, with a tulle runner, to display the delicious array of Easter theme cookies and cupcakes. These are a true delight. You may order your sweets at Sweet Treats by Gwen.The felt flowers added a colorful touch to this display.
  2. Egg hunt: stuff your plastic eggs with your favorite treat and wrap them with washy tape, a fun and easy way to decorate.

Keep it simple, keep it fun. Happy Easter everyone!


Crafty Tuesday: Add some color to your vases!!


This past weekend we styled a sixteenth birthday party for a very sweet girl. We designed these lovely Mardi Gras vases as centerpieces and added some feathers and peacock to add a special touch. Here, we show step by step how to create these colorful vases, which you can use for your home, patio or glassware.

  1. Gather crystal vases, glasses, jars, etc
  2. Use acrylic paint. For this project we used purple, green and gold
  3. Start creating a shape such as dots or leaves
  4. Let them dry and they are ready to use (if you will like to make them sparkly, add some glitter)