How to Determine Cigar Size – Length, Diameter: Corona, Churchill, Robusto, Torpedo and Double Corona Cigar Sizes


When someone asks for a specific size of a cigar, they wouldn’t ask for a five-inch cigar. The proper way to ask for a certain sized cigar is ask for a cigar by a specific name. The specific names of a cigar (not to be confused with cigar brands) tell both the length and diameter of the cigar. Before the names that designate the size are learned, it’s important to understand cigar ring sizes.

Understanding the Length and Ring Size of a Cigar

When a cigar is purchased, the box of the cigar will normally show the name of the cigar size as well as the actual size. For example the cigar box might say 5.00 X 50. The name Robusto gives the buyer an idea of the cigar size. The 5.00 indicates the length of the cigar in inches.

The 50 indicates the diameter or ring size of the cigar. The rings size is the diameter of the cigar in 64th of an inch. In this example the 50 would indicate a cigar diameter of 50/64th of an inch. In the case of a cigar that’s tapered, the ring size would indicate the largest diameter of the cigar.

Cigars Names and Their Sizes

In certain instances the name of the cigar may also indicate the shape of a cigar. For example a Torpedo is the name of cigar size that’s tapered, meaning that one end is larger than the other. The following names and sizes are averages and can vary slightly in size from one brand of cigar to another. For example an Ashton (brand name) Churchill (name size) is 7.50 X 52, which is on the larger side for a Churchill. A CAO Gold Churchill is 7.00 X 48.

  • Corona – 5.50 X 42
  • Double – Corona 7.50 X 54
  • Robusto – 5.00 X 5.00
  • Churchill – 7.00 X 50
  • Torpedo (tapered one end) – 6.25 X 52
  • Half Corona – 4.25 X 42
  • Rothschild – 4.50 X 50
  • Lonsdale – 6.50 X 44
  • Toro – 6.00 X 50
  • President – 8.50 X 52

These are some of the most common sizes. There are still many more names that certain brands and/or cigar manufacturers may use that designate the size of the cigar.

The longer the cigar the more cooler it burns. The bigger the ring size of a cigar, the more flavor the cigar smoker receives on the pallet. So the actual size of the cigar can have a drastic affect on the taste and burn of the cigar. Naturally the bigger the cigar, the longer it takes to smoke. The larger sized cigar, like a Churchill or President can take 2 hours or longer to smoke (click here for more info). It’s important to set aside the right amount of time to relax and enjoy the cigar to its fullest potential.

Cigar: A Picture of Greatness: Thoroughbred Retired As Top Money Leader


Twelve years ago, Cigar retired from the track as the top money leader in Thoroughbred racing history with earnings of $9,999,815. He was Jerry Bailey's favorite and best mount in that Hall of Fame jockey's long career.

Jerry Bailey and Cigar

Bailey won a record 14 Breeders' Cup races. He knew a good horse when he rode one. "I love horses," said Bailey (Against The Odds, Riding for My Life, Jerry Bailey with Tom Pedulla, 2005, paperback, page 155).

"They (horses) are magnificent creations, with personalities as entertaining and as complex as human beings," Bailey claims. "Cigar," he said, "is at the top of that very short list" of horses with whom he became "emotionally attached". Getting too close to a good horse is inadvisable, Bailey warns. There is "no consolation when you lose one".

In his autobiography, Bailey and Cigar's trainer, William Mott, relate the story of how switching from turf, for which Cigar had been bred by Palace Music, to dirt changed the horse from mediocrity to super stardom. Bailey inherited the ride on Cigar for the NYRA Mile from fellow rider Mike Smith, who had other commitments that day.

A short time later, Bailey got the regular ride on Cigar. Bailey said Cigar knew how to best expend himself in a race. He would give enough effort to win handily and save energy for the next time out. The horse was "one of the very few exceptions," Bailey says, in the game of horseracing as far as durability was concerned.

Cigar's Dual Honors in 1995 and 1996

Cigar was destined to achieve great things. He ate up Thoroughbred racing in 1995 and in 1996 at the ages of five and six, respectively. Winning 16 consecutive races, Cigar was the only horse to tie that string of wins first accomplished by the immortal Citation, who raced to16 straight victories in the 1940s.

Voted Horse of the Year and Champion Handicap Male in 1995 and in 1996, Cigar won a hoofload of grade I handicaps and stakes, including the Donn and the Massachusetts handicaps both years, as well as the Jockey Club Gold Cup.

He captured the 1-1/4 miles Breeders' Cup ($3 million) in 1995 at Belmont Park in record fashion (1:59-3/5), and the inaugural $4 million Dubai World Cup in 1996 at Nad al Sheba Race Course, United Arab Emirates.

In 1995, he raced 10-0, equaling the single season record of only one other major stakes Thoroughbred to do so — Spectacular Bid (1980).

Cigar Took Up Painting After Retirement

As an encore, a sterile Cigar learned to paint to help earn his keep for his retirement at the Kentucky Horse Park. Two other racers then, Candy Ride and Free House, also did "Moneighs", as their work was tagged. The paintings were sold by ReRun Inc., a non-profit organization based in Millersburg, Kentucky organized to help retired and pensioned Thoroughbreds.

The Moneighs garnered as much as $6,000 apiece.

Cigar created his own painting style, claimed Shon Wylie, (U.S.A. Today newspaper, Michael Hiestand, sports pages, 2003), by holding a brush between his teeth and stroking it on a canvas. (Others commonly used their muzzles, hooves, or tails.)

Hail Cigar — unique racer, original Moneigh-er.

How to Serve Summer Drinks


When you serve summer drinks, presentation can make a world of difference. These simple presentation tips can make even the simplest glass of water look and feel like a gourmet treat. Although a cool beverage is always welcome in the hot summer months, you can take your summer drinks to the next level with these presentation tips, culled from lifestyle experts and from the handbooks of professional caterers. These simple techniques are perfect for dressing up your summer drinks for a party, or for just making a regular afternoon feel like a party! Read on to discover an arsenal of professional presentation tricks for dressing up your summer drinks.

A Fresh Touch

Nothing says “summer” like freshness. In the season when sun-ripened produce is pouring out of backyard gardens all across the world, why not add a fresh touch to your summer drinks? Floating a fresh garnish like a sprig of mint or a slice of lemon in your summer drinks makes for presentation that elevates even a glass of water or club soda into a beverage worthy of a five star restaurant. The aroma of fresh ingredients added to summer drinks just before serving makes them even more enticing.

Accent Ice Cubes

Ice cubes are a must to keep summer drinks cold and refreshing. However, ice can look bland in a glass, and taste bland as it melts into your summer drinks. These necessary evils can become the visual highlight of a beverage, and preserve the taste, with one simple change. Instead of freezing water, freeze a liquid that will match your drink! If you’re serving lemonade, for example, try filling your ice cube tray with orange juice for a harmonious dash of color in your glass, and a pleasing hint of extra citrus in your drink. Any non-alcoholic liquid you serve can be frozen into ice, so use your creativity to create beautiful and tasty frozen accents for your summer drinks. With a little bit of advance warning, you can even create layered ice cubes! Fill your ice cube tray one third full, and let freeze until the top of the liquid solidifies. Then, pour in another kind of liquid, let freeze until the top of that is solid, and fill the tray to the top with the same kind of liquid you started with. This will create unique, custom colored and flavored striped ice cubes perfect for your summer drinks. Try creating an exotic “citrus sandwich” cube by freezing a middle layer of lemonade between layers of tangerine juice.

Chilled Glasses

A few hours before you serve a round of summer drinks, slide some glasses into the fridge to chill. The frostier the glass, the prettier the appearance of a summer drink. Plus, the added cooling power of a chilled glass is a welcome relief from the heat for the person holding it, and helps the drink stand up to the warm weather.

Frozen Fruit

If you’re serving summer drinks that contain fruit, or would match a fruit flavor, consider ditching ice cubes all together. Instead, drop a few pieces of frozen fruit into your glass for a beautiful presentation that would make a professional caterer proud. Throw a tray of grapes, strawberries, or banana slices into your fridge and let them freeze overnight, or until hard to the touch. Then, use these frozen treats in lieu of ice cubes for stunning presentation and serious cooling power in your summer drinks.

Arrange A Great Tray

If you haven’t got time to try out one of the presentation techniques that require advance preparation, like frozen fruit or chilled glasses, you can still dress up your summer drinks at the last minute just by arranging the drinks creatively on an appealing tray. For a unique serving tray, use a large picture frame with a raised rim, and slide a copy of a favorite image inside. Then, pour your summer drinks into a variety of differently shaped and sized glasses, and head for the table. An assortment of glasses makes it easy for guests or family members to remember whose drink is whose, and everyone enjoys selecting their own summer drinks from the bountiful array.

Five Great Cigars For Beginners


Cigar smoking is a habit that should only be entered into after considering the health risks of tobacco use. Once reviewing them, however, many people decide that they wish to at least give it a try. Maybe there is simply a special occasion; for example, the birth of a child has always been a cause for cigar-centered celebration. Other times, its simply something the user has seen in a movie and has decided they’d like to try. Alas! The budding smoker quickly realizes that they have no idea what to even try!

Flavored And Flavorful Cigars

Backwoods Honey-Flavored Cigars are an excellent choice for beginners. Relatively inexpensive (an eight-pack is approximately $10), this cigar is nevertheless a pleasant experience. A Backwoods cigar is thin; its profile calls to mind a long cigarette, save for the fact that it is wrapped in a tobacco leaf (as most, but not all cigars are) and that the filler tobacco is not shredded and compressed. In addition, the end of the cigar intended to be drawn from has a honey flavoring to it, making it taste quite sweet. It might be “cheap,” but its good!

Another excellent choice and a frequent favorite is an Omar Ortez Original. A short cigar of this brand is about $5, but is well worth the price as it burns slowly and richly. Some may prefer a rounded cap, but others will choose to embrace the torpedo cap for easy clipping, so that beginners may cut their teeth on them. Either is acceptable and downright pleasant. Interestingly, while most cigars have an emblem near the cap, the Omar Ortez Original’s emblem is wrapped about the end of it.

Other Excellent Cigar Choices

Perdomo Limited Edition cigars are fairly long, feature a deep and rich flavor, and burn exceptionally well. It may test a novice’s ability to cut a cap properly, but with a good cigar cutter there should be no problem. Depending on the size, a Perdomo cigar should be in the $6 range, making it both affordable and amazing tasting.

Onyx is a brand marked by its mostly-white emblem, slipped in particular over a torpedo cap. The cigar is fairly easy to cut and is an excellent smoke for the dollar, ranging in the $5 category. It is extremely reminiscent of the Omar Ortez Original, but as with all cigars it has a different taste to it. If the Omar Ortiz Original is a “soft” cigar, the Onyx is a “hard” one – of course, one’s own pallet is the final judge.

If you are a vape lover and a professional vapor who always prefers to buy vape liquid then below advice is for you.

Final Advice for Choosing Cigars

The truth behind smoking a cigar is pretty simple: Smoke what tastes right. Sometimes, a smoker will want nothing more than a Dutch Masters; something that can be purchased at any 7-11 with ease. On the other hand, someone might want another lower-cost cigar, such as a short La Gloria Cubana or Romeo y Julietta; each of these cigars has merits. Rather than suggest a cigar to try, however, the best thing to do is to suggest what to avoid.

Seeking out and purchasing the least expensive cigar in a shop is a recipe for disaster. Always inspect a cigar you want to experiment with and ensure that the wrapper is intact and that the cigar doesn’t crack under gentle pressure. When encountering a cheap smoke that looks nice, but has a shabbily printed emblem, it may be wise to pass as the cigar might well be on the ill-produced end.

Eventually, a smoker will find a cigar they love. It may be cheap, it hopefully isn’t too expensive. That will become their favorite smoke. But, even then, its always fair to experiment with other brands, and to start the selection process again!

The Hand Rolled Cigars of La Palma: Cigars to Rival Cuba's, but at a Fraction of the Price


Famous Cigar Smokers

On the Spanish Canary Island of La Palma near Africa, the local men will tell anyone who’s willing to listen that their hand rolled cigars are as good as those from Cuba. Local pureros (cigar makers) insist that Fidel Castro himself admitted as much, but clearly didn’t broadcast the fact, and that La Palma’s cigars were favourites of the British bulldog, Sir Winston Churchill.

Whether these claims are accurate, who knows? But what is fact is that wooden boxes filled with dozens of submarine shaped cigars lie in sepia toned warehouses waiting to be exported to the Spanish Royal Household and to the homes of some of the Spain’s former Prime Ministers.

History of Cigar Making on La Palma

There’s been a relationship between the Canary Islands and Cuba and other Latin and South American countries dating back centuries; to the discovery of the New World in fact. The establishment of La Palma’s cigar industry came about as a result of emigrants returning to La Palma from Cuba with riches and new found knowledge. La Palma’s sub-tropical climate and lush gentle slopes proved ideal for the cultivation of tobacco leaf .

Hand Rolled Cigars

The way cigars are made in La Palma has hardly changed in decades. Rows of men and women sit at long wooden benches in factories which look as though they’ve been transported from 1950s downtown Havana. In front of them are piles of rich brown tobacco leaf, clenched between their teeth is a puro (cigar). They grab a handful of leaves, dampen their fingers and in moments a perfect looking cigar is created. Despite urban myths, there are no thighs involved and considering the grizzled appearance of some of the pureros, that is no bad thing.

Quality Cigars at a Low Price

Whereas the reputation which Cuban cigars have gained over the years has bumped up their price and pushed them into the luxury category, the cost of La Palma’s cigars has benefited from their relative obscurity. They’re far cheaper than their Cuban counterparts, which is why every other man walking the streets of La Palma’s capital, Santa Cruz de La Palma can afford to have one permanently between his lips.

How to Smoke a Cigar

There isn’t just an art to rolling cigars, there’s also an art to smoking them properly. In order to enjoy their subtle mix of flavours to the full, follow these guidelines to experience a really satisfying smoke.

  • Cigars should never be left in the mouth while they're being lit.
  • Using a fuel lighter to light the cigar is a serious no-no, the lighter’s fumes can affect the cigar’s flavour. Matches are preferrable.
  • It’s important to blow through the cigar before taking the first draw. This gets rid of any unwanted flavours picked up during lighting (see above).
  • Smoke should be drawn into the mouth, but not inhaled. After a few seconds it should be slowly released.
  • Leave at least a minute between draws.
  • Cigars should NEVER be left in the mouth for longer than three minutes. The cigar can become soggy and lose its flavour.

Clearly this last rule is pretty much ignored by the men in La Palma, who never ever seem to remove their cigars from their mouths.

Bauer and Gadget; Same Ma, Different Pa

See the source image


According to my studies, Inspector Gadget is Jack Bauer’s retarded, half, part machine, brother. I haven’t been conducting this study for several years, months, or even days. I thought of it while I was walking to the bathroom. Also, there was actually no studying involved. And you may ask yourself, “well…how did I get here?” I would immediately ask you to stop quoting the Talking Heads because, this is an entry about Jack Bauer’s and Inspector Gadget’s blood relation.

Submitted for the approval of the midnight society, I present to you: Bauer and Gadget; Same Ma, different Pa.

  1.  CTU & MCPD

Much like the Hanson Brothers from the movie SLAPSHOT, whom share a common love for hockey, brothers, Bauer and Gadget share a common love: law enforcement. Yes, I know this is a weak point. Just because they are both special agents for the law doesn’t mean they are brothers. If you would allow me to stop interrupting myself, I will present more evidence.

  1.  Dr. Claw and Other Terrorist

Inspector Gadget and Jack aren’t your normal, everyday, pull-over-this-guy-for-speeding cops. They are saviors of the civilized world. They deal with the baddest of the bad-asses. Dr. Claw has 3 goals in life: 1. Kill Gadget. 2. Take over the world. 3. Kill Gadget, again. Doesn’t that sound very similar to season one of 24?! Jack’s family was kidnapped just because an accented Dennis Hopper had a vendetta against Jack — He was pissed that Jack killed him. I say stop bitchin’, he must have not killed you good enough. Mr. Hopper was using Jack’s family to lure him into his evil dockside lair so he could kill him. Guess what, Jack didn’t die, not even for a second. Jack is almost immortal, Gadget is half robot; they can’t be stopped.

  1.  In and Out Like Sauerkraut

No hideout, base, compound, house, prison, or villainous complex is too difficult for Gadget or Bauer to infiltrate. Whether Bauer drives a van through the building or Gadget accidentally wonders into the place. No matter what the situation is, they get in and handle they biz.

  1.  Happy Boss Day

Although, I would argue both are unbossable, bossless, they receive orders from someone. In season two of 24, George Mason gave Jack orders, sort of. And Gadget’s Boss, Chief Quimby, shows up at the beginning of every episode to give the Inspector “suggestions” for what he should do that episode. But because Gadget and Bauer hate being bossed around so much, they just kill those who boss them. Again, in season two, Jack was so pissed that Mason was telling him what to do, Jack placed George in a nuclear laden plane and told him to crash it into the ground. BALLIN! Inspector Gadget loathed Quimby like no other, Gadget blew him up every show, just because he wanted to, with the “self-destructing” message.

  1.  Failure to Abort

Even though they are not fit to raise kids in this crazy world because they are too involved with their careers, they both have daughters. Kim and Penny. They are destine to be on an episode of Dr. Phil.

Dr. Phil (to Kim): Because of your father, you have been kidnapped several times, by the same people. Lost in the woods with Johnny Drama, and your mom died?

Kim (sobbing): Yes

Dr. Phil (to Penny): Your dad, he has a helicopter in his hat?

Penny (sobbing): Yes, well, it’s not really whole helicopter, just the propeller…

Dr. Phil: And he can fly with it?

Penny (sobbing harder): Yes

And they both have blond hair. You can’t deny genetics.

Please, do not take this study lightly. It is the most serious subject that I have ever been serious about. The facts I have present throughout this essay are facts, not fables or folklore, cold hard, tell-it-to-your-mama facts. If you can’t understand the logic I used to prove that Jack Bauer and Inspector Gadget came from the same womb, I would suggested calling the grade school you attended and ask if you can come back.

California Paving License Requirements


The California Contractors State License Board issues licenses to several kinds of construction and maintenance contractors. Paving work can be involved in more than one kind of these required licenses. Future California paving contractors need to determine the classifications so they can get the requisite experience and take the proper exam for their future California contracting work.

The California C-8 classification is for concrete contractors. Naturally, this can include paving activities. But the C-32 classification, which is a parking and highway improvement contractor, is closely related to paving work. This improvement contractor classification does not cover paving or repaving in and of itself. Rather, it covers protective coatings, vehicle stops, mechanical devices, guard rails, directional lines, markers, buttons, signs and arrows.

The way California construction law works is that a qualifying person must get experience and pass an exam for himself to get a contractors license. But a company can hire such a qualified person and get and hold a license so long as that qualifying individual is with the company.

There is no formal education requirement for California paving contractors because the state focuses more on experience and knowledge. But any kind of general or specific contracting classes in college or technical school can help a person eventually qualify for a paving license. For example, it can help someone get a job in the concrete and paving industry.

Speaking of jobs, the work experience required is four years out of the last 10 years, and that work must be in one of the following positions: journeyman, supervisor, contractor or foreman. You may not count trainee time in your paving job experience.


The board publishes a blueprint that tells you exactly how to qualify for a contractor license and any exceptions to the license requirements. As an example, you generally do not need a paving license in California if you only do work with a contract price of less than $500.

You will have to pass two exams to get a license: a Law and Business exam and trade exam for either concrete or the "parking and highway improvement" classification.

Look below in the Resources section to get exam study guides for both classifications and the general California contractor license application. Just choose the proper classification on the form for the type of paving license that you seek to obtain. You will have to pay a $250 license application fee plus an additional $150 after you pass your exam to actually get a license.


You are going to have to pass a criminal background check to become a California paving contractor. While there is no way to say ahead of time whether you will be disqualified, you may not lie about a criminal record.


There are also some financial requirements. These include $2500 in working capital, workers comp insurance for California paving contractors who have employees and contractor surety bonds of $12,500 and $7500.

Farmville Spring Egg Event: Collect Eggs Through Farming, Gifts and Feeds to Earn Rewards


The newest Farmville holiday event is the Spring Egg collection, part of the new Springtime theme. While basically an Easter Egg Hunt, Farmville's creator Zynga has chosen the more generic naming (much like the holiday gift and holiday tree of late 2009).

How Does the Spring Egg Event Work?

Like previous holiday events, eggs are claimed and placed in the gift box. When used in the gift box they are deposited into a spring basket. As the number of eggs in the basket grows, milestones are reached with corresponding levels (0-10 eggs – Empty; 10-24 Eggs – Budding; 25-74 eggs – Burgeoning; 75-149 eggs – Thriving; 150 and above eggs – Flourishing).

Farmers can view their own progress by clicking on the basket and looking inside, as well as compare their collections with those of other Farmville neighbors. Once collected, eggs can be redeemed for prizes. One notable improvement from past holiday events is the ability of the gift box to automatically reopen after using an egg (moving it from the gift box to the egg basket). Because multiple eggs are generally in the gift box at one time, this adds up to significant time savings and greatly reduced mouse-clicking for the farmer.

Where to Find Spring Eggs in Farmville

Again as in past events, farmers can gift eggs to neighbors through the regular gifting feature, as well as ask friends for eggs through a button on the "look inside" screen of the egg basket. The recent "wish" feature can also be used to post a wish to a farmer's feed that neighbors can easily fulfill. Eggs can be collected from feeds that are optionally posted by friends when egg baskets reach the milestone numbers above, or when friends surpass others in comparison ranking.

There are also a few new options for this event. In the tradition of egg hunts, farmers may find eggs when fertilizing friends' crops and can also choose to share those eggs through the Facebook feed. Also, when fulfilling a request to send eggs, which provides a bonus to the sender, there is now and option to receive an egg for the sending farmer as well (in addition to the other previous options of a fuel, coin, XP or mystery box bonus). Another new feature offers newer Farmville players of less than 7 days the ability to gift 3 eggs, rather than one (and receive 3 back as a thank you gift), to help those with less neighbors earn prizes as well.

Spring Egg Event Rewards

Collected eggs can be redeemed for prizes on the "look inside" screen of the egg basket. As before, each prize claimed gives the farmer a chance to also post a feed sharing one exact or similar item with the first neighbor to click the link.

Spring Egg Prizes include:

10 Eggs – Mystery Egg

  • 20 Eggs – Sunny Ewe (offwhite wool-harvestable sheep with egg antennae)
  • 30 Eggs – Bunny Gnome Decoration
  • 40 Eggs – Gilded Egg Decoration
  • 75 Eggs – Spring Fountain Decoration
  • 150 Eggs – Dutch Windmill Decoration (shared gift is a mini-Dutch windmill)

Mystery eggs are a new addition to the prize rewards for holiday collections. They offer a random prize which may include a farmhand, arborist, 100XP, small fuel tank and a head-scratcher prize that doubles the avatar size temporarily.

The Spring Egg event is getting a lot of activity through Facebook feeds and gifting requests and is sure to stay active at least through Easter 2020. Happy hunting!

Going Green: Solar-powered and Electric Vehicles


If your idea of "green" transportation is a pokey little hybrid, good for the environment and cute enough, but not with real zip and pizazz, think again. And look to solar-power and electric to add some new, peppy players to the transportation game.

For instance, for purely fun zipping around town, how'd you like a solar-powered motorbike? While it's not available yet, SunRed is working on a prototype. It won't be directly solar-powered, but will sun recharge the batteries when it's parked by way of fold-out panels. Park it in the sun, fold out the panels, and go about your business. When you come back, fold down the panels and be on your way. SunRed expects the bike to have a range of about 13 miles and hit a speed of about 30 miles, perfect for urban adventures and short commutes.

But if you're in the market for something really cool and something you can order right now and have in your possession by spring 2008, Brammo has your answer: The Enertia electric motorcycle! This sleek, efficient bike has top speeds of 45-50 miles an hour and a recharge time of 3 hours. Brammo claims that it can reduce the average commuter's carbon emissions by 92%.
The Enertia can go 50 miles without recharging. While at first it looks odd with no fuel tank, it's a real attention-grabber with it's simple, lean, uncluttered design.

What does the Enertia feel like when you ride it? According to a recent report on the MSN website, it is extremely thin and light, is almost silent, and is absolutely effortless. It starts smoothly and is a breeze to drive in traffic. Because it needs no oil or fuel, it is also odorless. Fun, eco-friendly, and easy..the Enertia is worth looking forward to. It might not be the vehicle for cross-country trips, but for day trips, it looks like a winner.

So that takes care of the motorbikes and motorcycles, but you still need a car. And you don't want just any car, you've got money to burn and you want a sportscar! There's no way you can have speed and power and beauty and also be concerned about your impact on the earth, right? You just have to go for it and carbon be damned, right?

Not quite. Take a look at the Tesla Roadster. Heartstoppingly gorgeous(it was designed by Lotus,) this completely electric beauty gets 130 MPH and can go from 0-30 in around 4 seconds. While it takes 3 1/2 hours to charge, one charge will take you 250 miles, much further than a tank of gas in a comparable traditional sports car. And the cost for that travel will be about one cents a mile. Of course, it's a sportscar and a work of art, so it's not going to be cheap. Treehugger reports that it will probably cost about $80,000 or more. But, it's a guarantee that your car will be the topic of conversation everywhere you go, and you'll be able to feel righteous about it, too. The Roadster will be available early in 2008.

Of course, if you're not in the market for that kind of showmanship and you just want practical, reliable, non-gas-guzzling transportation, Chevy and Nissan have announced in recent months that they are planning electric cars intended for commuters, at least by 2010.

So, save up your pennies. In the coming years, the "going" part of "going" green is going to get easier and a whole lot more fun.

Quick and healthy fix for lunch or dinner…


We are becoming more aware of our eating habits and tend to choose more healthy options for our lunches and dinner. Salads and veggies with a grilled protein are always the suggested options. I tried this arugula and shaved parmesan cheese salad at my friend Liz’s house one time and fall in love with it. I now prepared often with my homemade lime dressing and pair with salmon or chicken. This a very quick, healthy and delicious fix to enjoy anytime.


1 package of organic arugula from Trader’s Joe
8 pieces chicken breasts tenderloins
1 cup of TJ’s organic red quinoa
1 Roma tomato
1 ripe avocado
2 limes
1/2 tsp of Dijon mustard
1/3 cup Olive oil
1/4 cup of shaved Parmesan cheese
salt, pepper, garlic powder
4 tortillas

Let’s start cooking…
To marinate the tenderloins, drizzle a little of olive oil, then season with salt, pepper, garlic powder (no garlic salt), the zest of one lime and a pinch of achiote powder. Then, on a pan drizzle about 1 tbsp of olive oil and cooked the tenderloins for about 4 minutes each side, or cooked through.
Make the dressing by mixing the olive oil, juice of 2 limes, Dijon mustard, and season with salt and pepper.
Now, rinse the red quinoa. Then bring 2 cups of water to boil, add the quinoa, bring it to boil again and then lower temperature and let it cook for about 15 minutes. Once ready, fluff it with a fork, mix in cut tomatoes and a spoonful of the lime dressing.
In a bowl toss the arugula with the remaining dressing and shaved Parmesan cheese. Now that all our ingredients are ready is time for…Assembling the wraps. Here is how I do it. Over a tortilla, place one layer of arugula salad, then add a couple of tablespoons of quinoa and add 2 pieces of chicken and avocado slices. Then turn one side of the tortilla then the other two sides and roll it. Cut it in half and serve. This is a savory, peppery (from the arugula) and lemony wrap, just a refreshing taste. You may also serve it as a salad and avoid the calories of the tortilla. I am adding to this dish a side of homemade hummus with whole wheat with pita chits and a glass of Pinot Grigio. Cheers!

Are you trying out this recipe? Let me know what you think.