How to Determine Cigar Size – Length, Diameter: Corona, Churchill, Robusto, Torpedo and Double Corona Cigar Sizes


When someone asks for a specific size of a cigar, they wouldn’t ask for a five-inch cigar. The proper way to ask for a certain sized cigar is ask for a cigar by a specific name. The specific names of a cigar (not to be confused with cigar brands) tell both the length and diameter of the cigar. Before the names that designate the size are learned, it’s important to understand cigar ring sizes.

Understanding the Length and Ring Size of a Cigar

When a cigar is purchased, the box of the cigar will normally show the name of the cigar size as well as the actual size. For example the cigar box might say 5.00 X 50. The name Robusto gives the buyer an idea of the cigar size. The 5.00 indicates the length of the cigar in inches.

The 50 indicates the diameter or ring size of the cigar. The rings size is the diameter of the cigar in 64th of an inch. In this example the 50 would indicate a cigar diameter of 50/64th of an inch. In the case of a cigar that’s tapered, the ring size would indicate the largest diameter of the cigar.

Cigars Names and Their Sizes

In certain instances the name of the cigar may also indicate the shape of a cigar. For example a Torpedo is the name of cigar size that’s tapered, meaning that one end is larger than the other. The following names and sizes are averages and can vary slightly in size from one brand of cigar to another. For example an Ashton (brand name) Churchill (name size) is 7.50 X 52, which is on the larger side for a Churchill. A CAO Gold Churchill is 7.00 X 48.

  • Corona – 5.50 X 42
  • Double – Corona 7.50 X 54
  • Robusto – 5.00 X 5.00
  • Churchill – 7.00 X 50
  • Torpedo (tapered one end) – 6.25 X 52
  • Half Corona – 4.25 X 42
  • Rothschild – 4.50 X 50
  • Lonsdale – 6.50 X 44
  • Toro – 6.00 X 50
  • President – 8.50 X 52

These are some of the most common sizes. There are still many more names that certain brands and/or cigar manufacturers may use that designate the size of the cigar.

The longer the cigar the more cooler it burns. The bigger the ring size of a cigar, the more flavor the cigar smoker receives on the pallet. So the actual size of the cigar can have a drastic affect on the taste and burn of the cigar. Naturally the bigger the cigar, the longer it takes to smoke. The larger sized cigar, like a Churchill or President can take 2 hours or longer to smoke (click here for more info). It’s important to set aside the right amount of time to relax and enjoy the cigar to its fullest potential.