Five Great Cigars For Beginners


Cigar smoking is a habit that should only be entered into after considering the health risks of tobacco use. Once reviewing them, however, many people decide that they wish to at least give it a try. Maybe there is simply a special occasion; for example, the birth of a child has always been a cause for cigar-centered celebration. Other times, its simply something the user has seen in a movie and has decided they’d like to try. Alas! The budding smoker quickly realizes that they have no idea what to even try!

Flavored And Flavorful Cigars

Backwoods Honey-Flavored Cigars are an excellent choice for beginners. Relatively inexpensive (an eight-pack is approximately $10), this cigar is nevertheless a pleasant experience. A Backwoods cigar is thin; its profile calls to mind a long cigarette, save for the fact that it is wrapped in a tobacco leaf (as most, but not all cigars are) and that the filler tobacco is not shredded and compressed. In addition, the end of the cigar intended to be drawn from has a honey flavoring to it, making it taste quite sweet. It might be “cheap,” but its good!

Another excellent choice and a frequent favorite is an Omar Ortez Original. A short cigar of this brand is about $5, but is well worth the price as it burns slowly and richly. Some may prefer a rounded cap, but others will choose to embrace the torpedo cap for easy clipping, so that beginners may cut their teeth on them. Either is acceptable and downright pleasant. Interestingly, while most cigars have an emblem near the cap, the Omar Ortez Original’s emblem is wrapped about the end of it.

Other Excellent Cigar Choices

Perdomo Limited Edition cigars are fairly long, feature a deep and rich flavor, and burn exceptionally well. It may test a novice’s ability to cut a cap properly, but with a good cigar cutter there should be no problem. Depending on the size, a Perdomo cigar should be in the $6 range, making it both affordable and amazing tasting.

Onyx is a brand marked by its mostly-white emblem, slipped in particular over a torpedo cap. The cigar is fairly easy to cut and is an excellent smoke for the dollar, ranging in the $5 category. It is extremely reminiscent of the Omar Ortez Original, but as with all cigars it has a different taste to it. If the Omar Ortiz Original is a “soft” cigar, the Onyx is a “hard” one – of course, one’s own pallet is the final judge.

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Final Advice for Choosing Cigars

The truth behind smoking a cigar is pretty simple: Smoke what tastes right. Sometimes, a smoker will want nothing more than a Dutch Masters; something that can be purchased at any 7-11 with ease. On the other hand, someone might want another lower-cost cigar, such as a short La Gloria Cubana or Romeo y Julietta; each of these cigars has merits. Rather than suggest a cigar to try, however, the best thing to do is to suggest what to avoid.

Seeking out and purchasing the least expensive cigar in a shop is a recipe for disaster. Always inspect a cigar you want to experiment with and ensure that the wrapper is intact and that the cigar doesn’t crack under gentle pressure. When encountering a cheap smoke that looks nice, but has a shabbily printed emblem, it may be wise to pass as the cigar might well be on the ill-produced end.

Eventually, a smoker will find a cigar they love. It may be cheap, it hopefully isn’t too expensive. That will become their favorite smoke. But, even then, its always fair to experiment with other brands, and to start the selection process again!