Farmville Spring Egg Event: Collect Eggs Through Farming, Gifts and Feeds to Earn Rewards


The newest Farmville holiday event is the Spring Egg collection, part of the new Springtime theme. While basically an Easter Egg Hunt, Farmville's creator Zynga has chosen the more generic naming (much like the holiday gift and holiday tree of late 2009).

How Does the Spring Egg Event Work?

Like previous holiday events, eggs are claimed and placed in the gift box. When used in the gift box they are deposited into a spring basket. As the number of eggs in the basket grows, milestones are reached with corresponding levels (0-10 eggs – Empty; 10-24 Eggs – Budding; 25-74 eggs – Burgeoning; 75-149 eggs – Thriving; 150 and above eggs – Flourishing).

Farmers can view their own progress by clicking on the basket and looking inside, as well as compare their collections with those of other Farmville neighbors. Once collected, eggs can be redeemed for prizes. One notable improvement from past holiday events is the ability of the gift box to automatically reopen after using an egg (moving it from the gift box to the egg basket). Because multiple eggs are generally in the gift box at one time, this adds up to significant time savings and greatly reduced mouse-clicking for the farmer.

Where to Find Spring Eggs in Farmville

Again as in past events, farmers can gift eggs to neighbors through the regular gifting feature, as well as ask friends for eggs through a button on the "look inside" screen of the egg basket. The recent "wish" feature can also be used to post a wish to a farmer's feed that neighbors can easily fulfill. Eggs can be collected from feeds that are optionally posted by friends when egg baskets reach the milestone numbers above, or when friends surpass others in comparison ranking.

There are also a few new options for this event. In the tradition of egg hunts, farmers may find eggs when fertilizing friends' crops and can also choose to share those eggs through the Facebook feed. Also, when fulfilling a request to send eggs, which provides a bonus to the sender, there is now and option to receive an egg for the sending farmer as well (in addition to the other previous options of a fuel, coin, XP or mystery box bonus). Another new feature offers newer Farmville players of less than 7 days the ability to gift 3 eggs, rather than one (and receive 3 back as a thank you gift), to help those with less neighbors earn prizes as well.

Spring Egg Event Rewards

Collected eggs can be redeemed for prizes on the "look inside" screen of the egg basket. As before, each prize claimed gives the farmer a chance to also post a feed sharing one exact or similar item with the first neighbor to click the link.

Spring Egg Prizes include:

10 Eggs – Mystery Egg

  • 20 Eggs – Sunny Ewe (offwhite wool-harvestable sheep with egg antennae)
  • 30 Eggs – Bunny Gnome Decoration
  • 40 Eggs – Gilded Egg Decoration
  • 75 Eggs – Spring Fountain Decoration
  • 150 Eggs – Dutch Windmill Decoration (shared gift is a mini-Dutch windmill)

Mystery eggs are a new addition to the prize rewards for holiday collections. They offer a random prize which may include a farmhand, arborist, 100XP, small fuel tank and a head-scratcher prize that doubles the avatar size temporarily.

The Spring Egg event is getting a lot of activity through Facebook feeds and gifting requests and is sure to stay active at least through Easter 2020. Happy hunting!