Violation of Presentation


How is that someone can be judged upon simply by what is on their skin or attached to the skin. You all know what I am talking about. Tattoos and piercings. Into todays society they are everywhere from doctors to lawyers, pro sports players and many others. The simple fact is that when someone looks different to a person, that doesn't appeal to their own specific taste, they are quick to form an opinion based up the look. They are entitled to that opinion yes, but it should not effect the personal judgment of the person in front of you. Say for instance working or going out in public. A couple could wear dark clothes and have long dark hair. That doesn't mean they want to kill everyone. It is a style. As long as once in the workplace as long as you do your job. It should not matter how much, how little,or what style of hair you have. Or if you have decorated your skin or have piercings.

Now you might think, but what if this offends me? Or perhaps you just don't like the look. Well take a look in the mirror. Every human is entitled to their own likes and dislikes. That same person might not like your cowboy hat, baggy clothes, tight jeans, or whatever the case may be. The point I am trying to get across with this. I think that it is not right when employers, governments, or any entity that will turn down a person just because of the way they look. Times have changed and even if you like it or not, that industry is booming. Its who we are, we decorated our bodies to express ourselves.

Correct me if I am wrong but in America we have a freedom of speech. Is this not a form of speech on paper, such as this is speech on the Internet. Its speech of the body. Even in older cultures there are even crazier things people have done to their body, but it is accepted. We do this by choice, and most people think they look great. So why the negative outlook on them? We even attract people whom do not have any of these things i have mentioned. Straight suit and tie guys. In it for the money.

The funny part is. The same adults who turn down and look down upon this. Face it at home with their kids. Who with parental consent can get them done as a minor! So why have a law to let a minor get a tattoo but then look down on them in life because they have them. Looks to me like that people who made that possible just let that slip out of their minds. You may say, some people take it to the extreme and do to much. Now stop and think about that. It's not that extreme if so many people have them. Even when you increase the amount and sizes. It is pretty common in that industry. All in all people needs to let off the people with modified bodies. It is a culture of modern society and there is nothing you can do to stop it. So let it happen without the punishment of humans for doing so.